Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AFRICA: Priest calls for Action against Child Pornography

AFRICA: Priest calls for Action against Child Pornography

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Their victory is our disgrace!

True democracy is on the march as the uprising that began in Africa - Tunisia and Egypt soon spread everywhere in the Middle East continue. The unrest ousted President Zine El Abi-dine Ben Ali from Tunia, and Husni Mubarak as Egyptian president. That in Libya and the Persian Gulf countries including Bahrain has prompted concern that supplies of oil from the world’s main region of crude production may be disrupted. In Tunisia, Mohamed Ghannouchi, the interim Prime Minister resigned recently after three people were killed in street protests.

By Yemti Harry Ndienla

While much is still to be desired about what will emerge from these unlikely warp-speed revolutions, one thing is for sure: We Cameroonians should feel like lethargic, droopy junk. Yes, we should feel like a flesh-folded fat man watching his ripped younger brother prepare for a triathlon.

Believe it or not, one has to presuppose that the triumph or failure of the revolution in many of these countries depends unreservedly on how ordinary people are ready to die in order to gain their self-determination.

Here in Cameroon, the majority of us can’t be bothered to surrender a bottle of beer and head to the streets at least for once after 28 painful years in bondage by the CPDM regime of President Paul Biya. Yeah, right! Even with the heightened attention of the international community.

The much heralded planed demonstration on February, 23, saw an embarrassing low turnout in Douala – the nation’s economic capital that used to be the pivot of demonstrations in Cameroon. Why? Where are the Mbua Masock, Yondo Mandegue Black, Jean – Jacque Ekinde (Now sleeping with the devil in the so called parliament). Yes, but if some of these people are old, sick and tired as some of us claimed, where are the youths whose future has been hijacked by the Biya regime? Where are they?

This is the paradox of any call for action against the Biya regime in Cameroon: Once the people want to go on the street, once they don’t want to risk anything for it.

Watching people take to the streets in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc... should really frustrate us as Cameroonian because our problems are almost the same and in some cases ours are worst.

Fellow Cameroonians let us be aware of the fact that by not standing tall against the repressive regime of president Biya, we are in fact supporting it. If not let us go to the street for the world to hear our cry and come to our aid. Time to act is now!

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