Thursday, September 22, 2011

Illinois Jaycees Elect President for 2012

Members of Illinois Junior Chamber have elected their president for 2012. Joanne Rinaldo, a 10th degree Jaycee, was elected president of this prestigious organization at the end of their general assembly which took place between September 9 and 11, 2011, at Holiday Inn Elk Grove, IL

By Yemti Harry Ndienla

Though Rinaldo, was voted by acclamation, the post of area one vice president witnessed a hotly contested election between Richard Lewis, and James Greve. At the end of which Greve emerged victorious. Also elected was Heather Winemiller, as 2012 programming vice president.

In her acceptance speech, the Illinois 2012 president elect who ran her campaign under the theme “Make an Impact”, intimated that though times have changed since the creation of Junior Chamber, the mission of the organization has not, and that the organization has been building leaders and making an impact over the years. “The Jaycees need to continue to “Make an Impact” on our communities while developing our members to reach their full leadership potential. As a focused group of individuals under my leadership our impact can be even more substantial”, Rinaldo, told a cheering crowd of Jaycees.

In course of her speech the president elect was interrupted over a dozen times by joyous Jaycees chanting and waving placards bearing her campaign theme “Make an Impact” According to her campaign manifesto “2012 impact”, the president elect promise to provide the know-how and incentive to chapters and work with them to ensure success, tap the Jaycee alumni network to help members learn the fundamentals to execute new projects that they are passionate about, create new state chair position to oversee marketing and social media, grow at least 60 chapters by one member each trimester, create a leadership academy open to all Jaycees interested in expanding their potential, save 100 lives from malaria by raising funds for JCI Nothing but Nets, among others.

The general assembly was also an occasion for Illinois Jaycees to sharpen their skills on topics including non-verbal communication, and negotiation

A motivational keynote address was presented by USJC chairman of the Board Jeff Lank.

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