Thursday, August 11, 2011

God is constantly at work in the cause of human liberation

Below the surface of our awareness, God is constantly at work in the cause of human liberation. Unfortunately we have to look intently to see it though sometimes a dramatic event pushes the divine activities into view.

By Yemti Harry Ndienla, Originally Published on Yahoo news!

In the Gospel of John a man blind from birth is healed by Jesus. He understands that something special has taken place, but it isn’t until folks start to question him that he slowly becomes aware of who the healer was and what the healing means. Gradually, this formerly blind beggar recognizes the source of the power that has changed his life and he becomes an outspoken believer. This puts him into direct conflict with the local authorities who want to deny the healing so as to discount the healer

Struggle for human liberation has exploded across the world and especially the Middle East in recent days, and our contribution is the predictable jets and bombs in support of an armed uprising in “friendly” countries. Yet right next door in some of these so called “friendly” countries, revolutionaries are choosing another way to pursue their dream of democracy. Without mounting an armed force, compatriots of different repressive regimes had persisted in their plea for justice. Without raising a rifle, they held firm in their resolve, rousing and rallying the unstoppable power of their common cause, using means that were entirely consistent with their end – the creation of a nation free of oppression and dominance by the force of violence or the threat thereof. Why do we find it essential to back nation(s) in their decision to ‘perpetuate the cycle of violence’ rather than urge a peaceful revolution as what happened in Egypt? When will we “see” with Gospel eyes that the rules of engagement need to change, and in fact, are changing?

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